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Sumptuary news

Well, I have a new skirt and coat. One of Mr. Unpronounceable's habits is to ask unanswerable "on-the-spot" questions such as "So have you got any good news, then?" or the even more impossible "So, do you think Waseem (pal of his I've never met) would want a new bike, then?" A few weeks ago he asked me the somewhat general question "So, what are your plans for the next 6 months, then?" I replied that one of my medium-term plans was to finally get myself some leather clothes, specifically a big Matrix-type coat to pose in. Unsurprisingly he was much overjoyed at this, leather being something of a "hobby" of his.

So instead of waiting for me to get round to it, he started quizzing me in detail about exactly what kind of stuff I wanted, and then while I was in Nottingham ordered some from that well-known fetishwear boutique Argos (thus averting a whole catalogue of disasters - Ed)

I went round to see him on Monday night after Bicon and there it was. So I put it on and asked him how much I owed him, but he didn't immediately respond, too keen was he to leap on top of me for a snog and a grope. I eventually managed to push him off long enough to elicit the response that a 50/50 split of the cost would be fair to him if I felt it was. I felt it was.

So I have a very long, loud black leather skirt which I am wearing in the office today and which makes a big noise when I walk, and I have a big Matrix-type full-length black leather coat which will require wearing with shades during the winter, but which I have left at Mr. U's house for the moment for recreational use.

I have decided that Argos is a wonderful institution. No sniffing at the back there.

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