Anne (ajva) wrote,

in case you were wondering...

Yes, I cycled in this morning.

Set off at the ridiculously early time of a quarter to seven so I could try out my route without enormously heavy traffic. Unfortunately I was bleary-eyed enough to forget my map, though, so I was going on memory and direction. Still, I only went the wrong way twice, and quickly corrected myself each time, so I couldn't have lost more than about three or four minutes to it.

The only real problem was that I hadn't ridden this particular trusty old three-speed for some time, and the gears kept slipping in second, which was annoying, particularly at a couple of junctions where I lost valuable seconds engaging it again.

Anyhoo, I made it in forty minutes, give or take. I think on a good day, once I'm familiar with the route and the bike's working well, I should be able to manage it in a fairly leisurely thirty-five even in heavier traffic.

Had some time to kill, so enjoyed a couple of dozen leisurely lengths in the pool at my gym, had a nice shower, and am now in work extra early. I bet I'll be shattered later, mind.
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