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not fit today - withdrawal diary

I have decided not to go swimming today. It's a week since I did any exercise, but I just can't face it today. I've been starting to get quite subtle SV withdrawal. It has a half-life, you see, and now I calculate I have about 1/2^6 the amount in my bloodstream I usually have. SV is also used as a mood stabiliser to treat manic depression and as a preventative against migranes. Although that's not what I took it for, it obviously still has had effects on me relevant to those. Had slight neuralgia last night, although it passed quickly.

Perhaps somewhat predictably, I am experiencing some negative emotions at present. A bit down, a bit afraid, a bit lonely, a bit weary, a bit like I want to have a big night out to be around people, a bit like I can't be bothered and want to be on my own, a bit tired, a bit restless. And a bit guilty that I'm not going to swim, but apart from anything else I'm afraid to go on my own today in case I should have a fit. But it's so unlikely to happen that I feel as if I'm making an excuse. Oh well, at least I'll be back at kickboxing next week so I'll get some exercise then.
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