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A day late, weekend report...

Hello everybody!

I'll be back at work tomorrow (had a few days holiday to catch up with maths stuff, although some of it still needs doing). But I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking everybody for beeing great at the weekend. I had a brilliant time. Sorry for not staying very long afterwards on Sunday, but I was tired and not in the mood to drink. I was also giving Stef a piece of my mind in the kitchen, which he seemed to take quite well. His bizarre logic led him to counter my point that his father was unacceptably rude with a story about how his father had ripped up some plants of his and shouted at him when he complained. I didn't bother pointing out that he was actually agreeing with me.

Later on we met up again and had a nice chat in a pub. Then me and "Wheels" Unpronounceable headed off to neutral territory and enjoyed a truly epoch-defining fuck. Funny how these things happen when you least expect them to. :o)
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