Anne (ajva) wrote,


So, Monday morning. Got up at 6am and went to the gym. I have joined the Fitness Exchange in Tottenham Court Road, which is charging me a highly reasonable £47.50 a month to use their facilities at off-peak hours. Crucially, their definition of "off-peak" includes weekday mornings, evenings from 8pm onwards, and all weekend. In other words, all the times I would want to go. In fact, "peak" (£71/month) appears to mean just "and lunchtimes and after-work Mon-Thurs". This is good. I also joined last Friday, which astute readers will notice was the last day in January, thus taking advantage of their January-only offer and saving myself the entire £150 joining fee.

It's a nice place, with a huge gym and a reasonably sizeable swimming pool. And their changing rooms have carpets, which, idiosyncratically, I value surprisingly much.

On the other hand, I still feel half asleep, even after 30 mins CV, 15 hardcore stretching and several rounds of free weights exercises. And a nice shower.

Note to those interested in such things: I wear baggy leggings and a T-shirt.
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