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My weekend

A great weekend, which has been mentioned before, I think. It was a bit special because, what with one thing and another, I got to see practically everybody I know in London whom I would consider a friend.

Thanks to the Countess for her as usual impeccable hospitality. Thanks to the Queen for her regal presence and good ideas. Thanks to Babysimon for making hilariously polite surprised noises all the time. And thanks to the random bloke with a car who posed as a minicab when he saw we were looking for a taxi, thus ensuring we arrived safe and sound at Soph's in the first place. And thanks to everybody else I wanted to hug but couldn't because my arms were already full.

Unfortunately I woke up the next morning to a phone call from James informing me that Andreas is quitting the band. He's going to do Wednesday and he'll do Bicon, and then that's it. So if you want to see melisma as we are now, you only have 2 chances left. And if you're not going to Bicon, Wednesday's your lot, folks.

We're planning to replace him, but it's a bit messy, so we might be out of commission for a while.

Ho hum.
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