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one good sesh leads to another

Buoyed by Sunday's mega-effort, and mindful that the year is ticking past, I have set in motion fulfillment of one of my resolutions for the year. I shall be running the 5K 'Race for Life' in Battersea on 7th May. Anyone wishing to give me money for it will be more than welcome to autograph my sponsorship form [hint]. ;o)

This will be my first ever road race. In fact, last week I did my first ever time on a treadmill - 10 minutes at a leisurely jogging pace, and my head did not fall off, nor my spine collapse, as I feared. Also, I reckon if I can keep my anaerobic shit going for 90 minutes without a break then I can handle 5K, which should take me about half an hour tops* (and nobody will be shouting at me if I take a short break).

* Well, to be fair, I have absolutely no idea since I've not done it before. But seeing as this corresponds to an average speed of 10K per hour for half an hour, it would seem quite possible. In any case (conservatively speaking then) I shouldn't be running for any more than half the time I was grading for on Sunday.
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