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the tale

Let me first apologise to all of you who saw me lose it last night. I am hungover but fairly sober now, but still I don't feel much better.

The story, for those of you who don't yet know the details, goes like this:

Last weekend Andreas told us that he was going to leave the band, but that he would do last night's performance, and he would do Bicon. I had no reason to disbelieve him.

Yesterday I arrived at rehearsal at 2:30 to an empty room. Finally Pete and James arrived, and I began to wonder about Andreas. James said that there was no point calling him, because if he was coming he'd be on his way, and if he wasn't then he wasn't. I disagreed because I thought it would be better to know either way. So James kindly called Andreas's house, and left a message on the answering machine. Shortly afterwards, Sharon (Andreas's gf) called James to tell him that Andreas would not be coming - neither to the rehearsal, nor even to the gig, because he had been asked to do a dance show which would earn him �60.

I called back and got a very defensive Sharon. I was trying not to get angry with her, but it was very difficult, because she kept saying things like "Well that's just what life is like, isn't it?"

Later I sent Andreas an angry text message which said "Fuck you - I'll never help you again." His reply was "Don't want or need nothin from U, U redhead control freak - U R the blistered cunt."

At which point James texted him saying "how dare you behave in such a cavalier fashion", which elicited the response "Fuck off you undiagnosed ADHD case. Have you had your daily dose of Ritalin today?"

I am very angry. I thought last night that I would be less angry once I had slept on it, and once I had sobered up a bit. But I'm not. This has hit me very hard indeed, and I really feel that I just want the little fuckwit to suffer. It's going to take me such a long time to get over this, and I don't know how I'm going to.
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