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I just wanted to say that I am not entirely against the war now. I have been silent on the subject recently because I have been dithering for months. If you'd asked me six months ago (as ciphergoth did), I would have had no hesitation in declaring my opposition, not on humanitarian grounds, but on the grounds that it would be a political mistake.

Recently, though, I have been finding myself resolutely on the fence. I keep swinging one way or the other, finding strong arguments on both sides.

I feel utterly isolated from my friends, knowing that I will not be entirely unhappy if/when the troops go in, and practically everyone I know is spitting venom against it. Real, real hatred (for the 'warmongers') and scorn is pouring out of everyone, and I have even felt unable to come clean to my own father about why I have not gone on a march. It takes no courage to root for peace. This does not mean rooting for war is courageous either.

As you can see, I am leaving comments disabled. I hope this will not be judged as cowardly, but I really have no wish to get into a debate about this on LJ. If any of you want to talk about it with me irl then that's fine, although please forgive me if I don't engage wholeheartedly because I am finding the whole debate troubling. I find no moral succour in either side.
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