Anne (ajva) wrote,

kaputt phone

My mobile has been acting funny and failing to charge, and since I can't be arsed with the hassle of sending it away to phone hospital for a month or so like I did the last time, only for it to fail again, I'm going to get a new handset. At some point.

However, there is no money in this month's budget for it, and my emergency fund has now been (rather naughtily) converted into the "Anne Austin 30th Birthday Party Fund", so no help there.

Upshot: I will be uncontactable by mobile for at least a month, maybe longer.

PS >rant< What exactly is the *deal* with all these uber-expensive handsets these days? How can being able to send pointless low-res photos to people at 40p a time be worth over £300? What a capitalist con trick. It's only supposed to be a bloody telephone, for God's sake. No wonder we have a consumer debt problem in this country. There's going to be blood on the streets when people run out of borrowing power, and it'll be the lifeblood of our economy - you see if I'm wrong mutter rhubarb rhubarb mutter.>/rant<

Update: It's great to have friends who spring to one's aid in time of crisis. :o) It's not the end of the world, though, just in case my tone above implies that I'm upset. It's more just an inconvenience to me. My rant was meant as a comic turn. :o)
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