Anne (ajva) wrote,

pool party poll

Well, the good news is I have taken the bull by the horns and booked a pool party for Saturday 31st January 2004. There will be other celebrations too, of course, if you don't want to come swimming.

Date: Saturday 31st January 2004
Time: 5pm-7pm (first hour in the pool, second hour standing around eating cakes).
Venue: Leyton Leisure Lagoon (has a big flume - yay!)

Now, I have provisionally booked for 20 people, but I suspect there might be a greater number interested, given the popularity of the option in my previous poll. I need to know how many people are planning to come, because I need to tell the venue. Two reasons: sometimes they have 2 parties running in parallel, so there are space-planning issues; secondly, charges vary according to numbers of guests attending. I'd like to have a good idea what sort of numbers we're looking at, so I'd be grateful if you'd all rsvp via this poll.

Will you actually be coming? Please don't vote yes unless you think you really will be. If you're planning to bring other people (eg real kids) please comment and let me know how many. Don't fret if you have to drop out later on; I just need a good idea.

Thank you!

Poll #209527 pool party EZ-RSVP

Will you be coming to my pool party?

Yes please!
No thanks!
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