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fitness apartheid

Over the past couple of months I have noticed that I can tell immediately whether a lady in the changing room at the fitness club has come for a swim or a workout in the gym.

The skinny ones go to the gym, the podgy ones to the swimming pool. I would appear to be the only exception to this rule. Boys and girls - what does this tell us about the relative merits of swimming and cardio machines/weight training as forms of weight control?

This won't hold true all year, of course. It is autumn now. I have been wavering in going to the gym lately and have not been going as often as I have planned (only managing one and a half times a week average) because, fundamentally, getting up at 6:30 am on cold, wet, icy, dark November mornings to get a gym visit in before work is not a huge laugh.

However, I confidently expect that by the time January rolls round I will have plenty of fellow fatty company in the gym, as it gets packed out with well-intentioned plump people taking to the cross-trainers like ducks to custard. I look forward to welcoming my own back again.

Update: Warning! This is meant as an irreverent, jokey post, nothing more. Please don't take any of it too seriously.
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