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Birthday invitations

You are cordially invited to a variety of entertainments to celebrate my 30th birthday.

There may be a small restaurant visit on my actual birthday, but this depends whether my workplace is having their annual bash on the same day or not. Details of this will be sorted out later; in the meantime, this is the lineup for Saturday 31st January...

To kick off, a pool party will be held at the Leyton Leisure Lagoon, between 5pm and 7pm.
Further to a number of requests, we will now be spending the entire pool party in the water.

Those who are not intending to continue to the later party should therefore not expect to be fed jelly and ice cream (or anything else, as no refreshments will be provided, although there are vending machines, of course). Our extended swimming time also means that those who are vulnerable to heavily chlorinated pools (e.g. me) should consider taking breaks by the poolside, or even dosing up on antihistamine beforehand (I intend to do this).

On the other hand, it does take the pressure off you lot to arrive on time. Going on past form, this may be no bad thing. :o)

The swimming pool is but ten minutes' walk from my humble abode, where I will be hosting the evening event, my Official 30th Birthday Party.

This will take the form of what I am somewhat loosely calling a "Regency Soiree". Please interpret as you see fit. I hope to provide at least a modicum of parlour entertainment and neo-classical sensibility. Dressing up is, as ever, not compulsory - but merely encouraged if you like that sort of thing*.

Both events are open to allcomers of reasonable sanity; please bring something to drink if attending the later party.

As ever, please email me at my LJ address to get directions to my house.

See you there!

*Goths please note that powdered wigs are not required and indeed were going out of fashion by the late eighteenth century anyway. Also, ladies with impressive bosoms are excused those unflattering empire line frocks.
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