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birthday party on Saturday - further details

I've been making extensive preparations and I'm getting quite excited now. :o)

Just to confirm timings with everyone:

Pool party runs from 5pm to 7pm. I'll probably be arriving around 4:45 to pay the bill and sort out anything else that needs it.

My house is a ten minute walk from the swimming pool. I'll be providing a light dinner of jacket potatoes, salad and Stuff to the people who are coming from the pool to my house for the evening party, although of course you are more than welcome to make your own arrangements. I just don't want all the delicate party food I'll have set up to be completely destroyed before everyone else gets there. :o)

The Anne's 30th Birthday Official Regency Soirée starts at 8pm, although really it will start when everyone's had something to eat and got changed (if they plan to), I suppose.

There are a few Party Rules:

1) Smoking in the back garden only. Please use the ashtrays provided rather than stubbing out fag ends and roaches on the ground or flicking them onto the lawn.

1)b) If it's really unbearably cold, then I might allow smoking in my bedroom - but this will be subject to the approval of everyone else in the room at the time.

2) Please don't break the decorations (they're borrowed)!

3) Please don't cheat on the quiz.* :o) It's pretty hard but it'll be hard for everybody. Your best bet will be to pair up with someone who has a different skillset to you.

4) There will be no pop music before 11pm.**

5) My bedroom will be a general social space, so the amorous will have to make alternative arrangements this time.

6) Please consult with other occupants of the house before going into/using their rooms.

I probably won't be at the pub on Friday as I'll be making preparations for the following day. So I'll see you all then! :O)

* I'm running a prize quiz. The rules are:
a) No more than two people to a team. This means no third or indeed fourth parties 'tagging along' who are 'not really playing'.
b) No outside research. This means no looking up the internet, looking up books, texting or phoning pals, or subtly trying to sweet-talk an answer out of another team etc. So there.

It's a hard quiz but quite a nice little prize. :o)

** I have some classical CDs I will be playing during the early part of the evening in order to provide some pseudo-civilised Regency-inspired ambience. You can play anything you like after 11pm though.
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