Anne (ajva) wrote,

no offence intended to the religious...

...but given the recent leap in religion-related sentiment on LJ (largely because we've just entered the Lent period, I think), I just felt it was important to say this:

I am an atheist, and I count myself lucky every day that I am.

I recognise that this, too, is a faith position, and that the only logically impregnable position is that of agnosticism. Therefore I am posting this not so much to undermine those who give witness to their religious faith, but because due to the non-evangelical nature of atheism, we hardly ever see anyone witnessing to their non-religiousness, and I felt a little balance was in order. I fully respect others' religious beliefs, and wish merely to express my equivalent.

I believe there is no God, no higher power, and I count myself as completely unspiritual. I believe that human beings have no souls beyond that which is a side effect of the architecture of their bodies and their brains. I believe that when we die, we completely cease to exist.

I am often irritated by many people's (not on LJ) assumption that not being a member of a particular religion makes my beliefs somehow negative. For me, atheism is a positive, empowering belief. To me, it means that I alone am responsible for me, my life, and my impact on the world. Only I can solve my problems and realise my dreams; only I am responsible for the good and the bad that I do for or to myself and others. I must make for myself my own purpose, and it is a challenge I enjoy anew every single day.

May your ways likewise bring you peace.
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