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Last week, I started bringing my personal CD player to work to make the afternoons go faster when doing mild work.

When Marcus returned a pile of CDs to me a few weeks back, he accidentally included one of his own (which I suspect aegidian made up for him, as it looks like the BiCon CDs - oh, and incidentally he doesn't know about that Marcus! Will return it when I see you next).

So, the upshot of this is I have been listening all afternoon to a compilation of 'tracks Marcus likes', and consequestly am hearing things like the above and the roister-doitering Swords of a Thousand Men, neither of which I had heard before.

We're onto Paint it Black, which is one of my faves. Goody. I see a red door... dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum duum...

I feel as if I should be offering to hold a party where we all bring a CD of our 10 or so favourite lesser-known tracks so we can all learn from one another and evolve.

But there's going to be a party chez moi soon anyway. Ah well, just a thought.

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