Anne (ajva) wrote,

Hi everyone. I'm having a costume quandary for tomorrow night. I don't have an option that is quite right, so I'm wondering if you'd all be good enough to let me know what your preferred option is of the following. As you can see, I'm listing the pros and cons of each.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
pros: I can do pigtails; I have red shoes I can make sparkly.
cons: I have one gingham dress but it's red rather than the traditional blue; no dog available.

Jessica Rabbit
pros: I can get the hair just right by getting it blowdried straight at the hairdressers. This will give me an excuse to get my hair done ; I have gloves and the red shoes would do here too.
cons: I don't have a good red dress (the only one I have is a slightly goth-type affair with holes in the breast seams lazily and sloppily darned with black thread; Jessica Rabbit is not strictly speaking either a musical character or a God.

Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady
pros: I have a white thing that will do as her ball gown in the ball scene; quite a partyish effect
cons: a bit dull; not very fancy dress

Sod it. Just wear your new leather boots with your leather dress and claim to be the Devil in his Female Fetish aspect.

pros: partyish, fun
cons: cheating as far as fancy dress is concerned

Or something else? What do you guys think?

Poll #272401 costume quandary

What should I do?

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Jessica Rabbit
Leather dress and new boots
Eliza Doolittle
other (please comment)
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