Anne (ajva) wrote,

Friday's English Language Lesson #5*

I probably shouldn't be mentioning this, but there's a point to it, so I will.

Some people who are not that bothered about grammar, spelling, syntax and so on seem to believe that we sticklers are all members of some dubious, shady secret society that considers good care with respect to language to be the greatest of all possible virtues.

The thing is, they're absolutely right.

It's called the Order of the Cherub Lexicon, and in fact this series of LJ posts is part of my current assessment project, wherewith I hope to finally earn the coveted status of Grand Semi-Colon In Gothic Script.

You should see our handshake.

It really has improved my life a hundredfold to be a member of this fine society, so it always churns my gut a little when someone who is quite evidently angling for a nomination gets it slightly, but ever so crucially, wrong.

Such people will engage me in conversation about the shocking state of English usage today. My ears invariably prick up keenly, to see if this acquaintance of mine is suitable Cherub material. Then they say something like this:

"Of course, the correct pronounciation is hyPERbole."

Oh dear, I think.

So here's Anne's top tip for today:

There is NO SUCH WORD as "pronounciation". The one you're looking for here is "pronunciation".

Get thee hence, budding neophyte, and learn the basics. Then - and only then - shall we meet once more, in the quadrangle, by the fountain.
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