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I signed up this morning for the Shelter City Health Club Games. It's a fabulous idea: you pay £10 (it's for the Shelter homeless charity, minus some admin costs one assumes) and can enter up to three events (you can pay extra to do more than three). You do a trial for each of your chosen events, which dictates which ability group you compete in (beginner, intermediate, advanced). You then train for a couple of months and do the same events again on a certain date in October. The top competitors get to compete in a grand final, and there are medals etc. for people who win. The Games are London-only.

But - get this - the whole thing is also an inter-club championship. And the percentage improvement of each person who participates earns valuable points for their club! What a great idea! It means everyone has a real motivation to do well. Oh, and we get bags and T-shirts, entry into a draw to win a skiing holiday etc.

Anyway, I'm doing 3 events:
2k rowing
5k cycling
bench press (single rep, powerlift stylee)

I did my rowing trial this morning. Considering I have no technique whatsoever (no - I mean, really) and I haven't even used the ergo machine for about a year, I feel my time of 9:58.7 wasn't at all bad. Once I actually get some technique going I should be able to knock a fair whack off of it.

The website is here. They have a page giving you Jono Coleman's trial results, which I think is put there to make you feel less intimidated by the whole thing. His rowing time is 12 and a half minutes, for example, which makes me feel not quite so unfit after all*...

I've been floundering at the gym recently, desperate for some kind of motivation, so this is perfectly timed for me. Hurrah!

* And 42.5 kg bench!!! FFS, Jono. I can do more than that in sets, boy. And I'm just a girl. Sort it out...
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