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the gym trials - Shelter City Health Club Games

Finished the last trial today, the bench press. So my trial results now look like this:

2K row: 9:58.7
5K cycle: 9:46
bench press (1RM): 50 kg

Also, I made a bit of progress on the cycling today. After the bench trial I decided I'd make a start on working on my cycling stamina. I thought I'd do 1K as fast as I possibly could, and then just coast along in relaxed fashion until 10 minutes was up, with a view to pushing the top-speed distance a little further in other sessions. As it happened, I was feeling strong again by the 7 minute mark, so I picked up the pace a bit and finished 5K in 9:15. Which is excellent news, as it's the first time I've done cycling since the trial last week. If I can manage a third spike in the middle, I should be able to beat 9 minutes easily by mid-October.

Am also pleased with my bench trial, as it's more than I've lifted before. I think that'll be the event that shows the least improvement, though, since I've been working on my upper body strength for some time now. Still - 110lbs! That's the equivalent of benching an eight stone friend. Nice. :o)
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