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Me lift big heavy things

I thought I'd try to do a new maximum bench press just before my holiday - also to get a little session in before a week-long recess. I was very nervous about it this morning and was dreading it a bit. The bit I hate most, to be perfectly honest, is looking for a suitable prospect for spotting me, freshly each time. That is to say, if you are lying down on a bench and lifting big heavy thing above your chest, you need somebody to stand behind you to help you if you get into trouble. It's OK to approach other gym users (and I have done this), but it's a bit like catching a waiter's eye. Today, everybody was busy and just a little bit far away to reasonably ask, it seemed.

But it was a good job really, 'cos I ended up asking one of the blokes who works there, and he helped me loads and loads, the end result being I lifted more than I was planning to.

So my new max is 57.5kg (15% improvement already). Hurrah! There may yet be a Grand Final with my name in it... :o)
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