Anne (ajva) wrote,

A tiny violin plays...

Well, I'm probably not going to make it to BiCon, as I hadn't budgeted for it; I expected to get my free registration etc., but we can't play now, so it's not happening. Mr. E is still going,though.

Alas alack etc. Adjectivemarcus has been sending me frantic emails insisting I come anyway, which is very nice of him 'cos it makes me feel wanted, but I think it might be rather nice to spend several days on my tod, doing a few bits of maths and enjoying the sky. Plus I won't have all the transport problems that other people are having. It's a weird thing, but I seem to be setting a pattern of going to one bicon and then skipping one. That is, if you swap my first 2 round. I skipped Kingston (I could have gone, but was having an ear operation), attended Woolwich, attended Cambridge, skipped Edinburgh, attended Manchester and now I'm skipping Coventry. Alas. No sex for me this weekend. Mr. E and Ergotia will be in Coventry, and Mr. Unpronounceable is going to the coast with his family to do some gardening and field questions about why his garden looks untidy (he's cultivating wild indigenous plants).

I feel a bit bereft, but I've just had 2 1/2 pints, so I'm not caring too much right now.

Actually, I've got a plan about something completely different that you might like to hear about. I'd appreciate comments, as long as they are the kind of comments that say "yes! good plan!" - so not really honest dissent, I suppose.

I'm 27 now. I was thinking about my 30th birthday party. I thought it might be rather nice to have sex with 30 people on the day/night of my 30th birthday. Just to prove I'm not losing it, you understand ;O).

So, good plan? I think so.

Anyway, I'll write later.
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