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gym comp

Didn't win the cycling, but did win the bench press! With what is now a fairly easy lift for me, 55kg.

This means I get a medal, which will be awarded next Thursday at a presentation/charity auction evening. I did have to pay for my ticket to the presentation (bit cheeky - is for charity though, I s'pose), but I got 2 for the price of 1 for making the finals and all drinks are included. :o)

We were allowed to hang arround afterwards and take advantage of the Champneys Citypoint facilities, so I used everything I could, starting with a leisurely 20 lengths in the beautiful swimming pool, then a spa bath, a quarter hour in the "relaxation room", followed by some time in the steam room and plunge pool (although I didn't actually plunge into it), then a nice shower, then home.

The "relaxation room" is the work of an evil genius, and I feared that I might never escape. It is a small, dark room with a load of leather loungers. Each one has a duvet underneath. So you get on the leather lounger, slide back and cover yourself with the duvet, and then look at the only light source in the room: a large aquarium, with tropical fish in. I was stuck there at least three times longer than I had planned. Every time I thought to get up, I found myself thinking "it's quite cosy here, so I must get my act together...ooh - fish."

God knows how much that gym must cost to be a member.
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