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I just popped out to the loo a couple of minutes ago; on my way there I passed the ladder again and there was someone climbing down it (his back to me). He seemed to have a red wig on and a brightly coloured suit.

Then he turned round. Ladies and gentlemen - no word of a lie - I was staring at a clown! The real deal: face make-up, silly patchwork suit, ill-fitting bow tie...the lot. But the really fucking weird shit was that he looked totally freaked out to see me!!!!!

Yes, that's right - HE was freaked to see ME. I mean WTF?!!! Excuse me Mister Fancypants, but you just so happen to be climbing down a skylight ladder in my bloody office building on a quiet Thursday morning, dressed as a circus clown - and YOU'RE freaked out to see ME?

Anyway, the nutter just couldn't hack it; he scurried back up the ladder as if he'd seen a ghost.

WTF is going on? I think I might take a look up there later...
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