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random Friday afternoon fluff

In the pub at lunchtime, I reflected how much I miss being a smoker, much as trishpiglet was commenting earlier. I sometimes feel I don't do enough decadent shit these days. Maybe I should start writing songs again...

Talking of which, word is (for those who care) the Franz have written their next Big Tune. I think it's the one they're calling Do You Want It?, which would seem like an appropriately sleazy title. I look forward to hearing it. In fact, I've jumped up and booked a ticket to hear the lads at the Royal Albert Hall on April 5th. Graham Coxon and the Kaiser Chiefs are supporting, so it should be a good night. I didn't bother asking around if anyone else wanted to go, since all the cheap seats were gone, and £45 (inc booking fee) is a bit steep for all but the most committed fan, I think.

Weekend looks a little dull. Perhaps alcohol will help. Can someone break out the absinthe and sugar, please?

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