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So what's the Kaiser Chiefs' album like then? I thought I'd quote you a few flavours that occurred to me while listening to it. So, the recipe is this:

A half pint of The Specials
3 tablespoonfuls of Weller
A dash of Bowie

Bake for two years in the same oven as the Franz Ferdinand biscuits. Dress in good suits and give the keyboard player an entertaining nickname*.

The best lyrics I've heard for a while, which is always a good sign; they score big time over Kasabian here. They've also got the same dapper thing going on as FF, which is another plus. I enjoyed watching them on TOTP, too, with Ricky's enjoyable posing and all that.

Well, I'll be seeing them live soon enough! :o)

* He's called "Peanut".
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