Anne (ajva) wrote,

For anyone wondering why I didn't show at Throg's on Friday, it was because lately I've started attending a duplicate bridge club on Friday evenings (I took up the game in January, when I took a beginners' class). I won't bore you with details, but anyone who has ever played the game may care to know that I bid and made my first ever slam this week! In 6H. The only other pair to bid it as well were the guys who came top.

(Translation for non-bridgey folks: that means I said before we started that I thought I could win 12 out of the 13 tricks if we played with hearts as trumps. You get extra pointage for having the balls to say so in advance, rather than just managing to win the 12 tricks anyway. At a duplicate club, everybody plays the same hands once so you can compare performance directly.)
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