Anne (ajva) wrote,

Sunday fun

Went to Chessington WoA yesterday with stefanc. Was a bit worried that I'd wuss out of all the rides, but in the end managed most of them, only revoking on the Rameses Revenge, a hideous thing that only lasts about 30 seconds, turning you upside down both forwards and backwards, slowly. Took one look and mentally safeworded.

However, I did cope with the Black Buccaneer, which the park guide rated Category Four (the highest) on its scariness scale, as well as a couple of rollercoaster type things and the Vampire ride, which I had seriously doubted on first sight. On Billy's Whizzer in Beanotown (a round-and-round ride, everyone in little seats on chains [like swings in the playground], it lifts up and tilts, then scooshes you with water), I couldn't quite shake the concern that the - how can I put this? - centripetal force-dependent design might be inadequately calibrated for my fifteen stone frame, and was terribly worried about falling inwards and squashing the tiny child in the seat next to me, or twisting backwards and flailing like a maladroit monkey in a tree canopy. But these things are cleverer than that, of course. I did spend a fair proportion of my time pondering the physics of the rides, though, and thinking to myself "but there *must* be a limit...there *must* be...".

A few more gentle things like a log flume and dodgems also featured, and I naturally bought a big tub of candyfloss.

I wouldn't say I am prone to panic attacks, but I have in the past felt genuine terror on pretty basic rides at carnivals (jhg will testify to this, I think), so I felt a certain sense of achievement and am still smiling today. Nothing like a burst of adrenaline to keep one youthful.
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