Anne (ajva) wrote,

working in media

I've always thought my job (as a kind of media analyst-lite) was a bit pointless: not quite quantitative enough to be business analysis proper, not quite current enough to be journalism, not quite this, not quite that.

However, the good thing is working in a media company is never dull. This morning, I was early, and so was in the lift on my own. As I stepped out into the reception area of our floor, three people waiting there immediately leapt up, one manning a bright light, two with glittery microphones yelling things like "Oh my God! Nicole Kidman! Nicole! Can you tell us about your new film?" etc. etc. Bemused, I tried to play along by being a bit starry and saying I couldn't talk right now, scripts to read etc. They thrust a flyer into my hand and I wandered off to my desk. The flyer reads thus:

"Fantasy Film League...Do you have what it takes to make it big in movies? Starts 31st March. FIrst prize £1,000..."

So it's people from Carlton publicising a competition. By making everyone feel like a star for 30 seconds. What a great idea! :o)
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