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Just had my Dad on the phone saying he had a confession to make. Oh dear, thinks I. Has he burned my entire stash of Beano comics? Has he pawned my Dux Gold medal to pay for some nice sausages?


"Well, Anne, I was sorting things out for the furniture removers yesterday (Info: my parents' house went on fire a month or so ago and they're still sorting things out), and I found a diary of yours from when you were around 15. So I put it away thinking No! No! I can't look at it! It's confidential!...and then I went back to it an hour later because I just couldn't resist it! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry! I've actually taken my toast off the grill so I can phone you up to apologise, because I just can't have a clear conscience until I've confessed!

"And you's fantastic! I was chuckling away for hours! And I agree with every word you said! Especially the bits about me and how you wished I'd shut up and let someone else get a word in edgeways sometimes! Ha ha ha! :o) And your use of language is absolutely fantastic! And you put all this amazing stuff in because it was around 1989 and there's all this stuff about the Berlin Wall coming down and Ceaucescu being executed and so on. And then, at the end there's all this poetry AND IT'S ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! You really ought to consider having it published, you know, Anne. I read the daily poem in the Herald every day and it's never anywhere near as good as the ones you wrote back then. You really ought to read what you wrote if you don't remember it!

"Well, I hope you forgive me, You do? Oh good, I can go and get my toast now; I really couldn't keep walking around with this on my conscience. But I just thought you ought to know that I've shared those thoughts you had when you were about 15 or so..."

Bless. I love my Dad. :o)

Nicky at work tells me you could hear me laughing from the other side of the office.
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