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The BBC Have Your Say page is full of some particularly vitriolic stuff today, thanks to the "Should there be a fertility ban?" debate. Most people are dodging the question by saying the NHS shouldn't pay for IVF at all, but there's also quite a lot of nasty stuff along the lines of "How dare the NHS consider giving lesbians IVF when all they need to do is find a man?" and - what prompted me to post, in fact - "If obese women are too lazy to diet they shouldn't be trusted with a child anyway" sort of thing.

So, I just wanted to post this, for the record:

I cycle commute about 50+ miles a week and have been doing so for about four months now. Before that, I was a regular at the gym and before that I did kickboxing for a couple of years. I can honestly say that I am fitter than most people I know.

And yet most people, medical professionals etc, on taking one look at me, will think me lazy and unhealthy, because I'm fat.

Do you have any fucking idea how much that pisses me off? To be fit and fat, and for people to judge me so completely wrongly? Because make no mistake - they do. People are so wedded to the idea that it's impossible to be fat and fit that they just cannot believe it possible. The sneers of others take on a noisomely moralistic element that no argument will be able to meet, so ingrained is the "it's for their own good" notion.

Bullshit. It's *not* for our own good. It's the new class system. It's for *you* to feel better about yourself, you condescending, sneering, wankunworthy, unthinking, sheeplike accidental winner in the birth/culture double-lottery of body size. So you're within the first Standard Deviation - congratulations! You have won the right to look down on those poor unfortunates in the fat (har-de-har) tail 3 or 4SD out. After all, we all have full control over where in the distribution we come, don't we? Well, don't we?

And again I say: bullshit.

Ladies and Gentlemen: this has been an Anne Austin Production. We hope you have a nice day.
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