Anne (ajva) wrote,

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Tired and floppy headed

That's me right now. It always is at twelve minutes to going home time on a Friday. I'll be up and dancing later on today, I shouldn't wonder. I've had a really packed week and have achieved lots, including the very last maths homework question of the year (fyi it was something about working out a general solution of a flow equation or something. Tedious calculus nonsense.)

I'm really looking forward to several things this weekend e.g.:
1) getting a good sleep tomorrow
2) doing maths revision in a relaxed manner
3) playing ******* ****
4) other stuff

the only slightly worrying thing is that I have to go to dinner soon, and I'm not remotely hungry yet. Ah well, suppose I'll just have to force meself. At least it'll make Mr. Enthusiastic happy.
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