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Lovely weekend. I took Friday off to head down to Gatwick airport to meet up with my cousin T and his new wife A on their way back to Scotland from honeymoon. stefanc came too, and I think they were glad to have our company to help pass those otherwise tedious few hours of airport waiting time. I don't get much of a chance to see T these days, so it was good.

Then on Saturday came stefanc, envoy and three tiddlywinks buddies from Cambridge (camcub, and Dr. T and Dr. S, WANOLJ) over to my flat for a murder mystery lunch. It was fab. A languorous day of food, drink and hilarity. camcub's Italian accent was particularly fine.

Sunday was recovery (that extra hour was helpful) and clearup.

This morning I have the cold, and was hit on the face by some flying something-or-other in Middleton Square as I cycled in to work. And at work I have spent most of the morning setting up a spreadsheet for Georgia (the former Soviet country), which has necessitated much tedious hunting down of economic indicators.

But I am reminding myself that, as adjectivemarcus once put it, I am fundraising for the fun bits of my life. So my face is still smiley.

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