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Last night I dreamt that lolliepopp was trying to kill me with a big scary-looking homemade gun. She was also after jhg. Nobody would believe it, though, until she wrote up a "how I spend my days" percentage split on a noticeboard. At the end, she slipped in the following, after looking around cartoon-style to check no-one was looking:

1%: Trying to kill A
1%: Trying to kill J

I kept pointing to it but most people seemed a bit bored by it and relatively unconcerned. I had to try to make jokes about it, also to L's face (Oh! You roister doister you! sort of thing), just to keep people interested enough to keep looking at me as I reckoned L wouldn't murder me in full view of witnesses. The odd person did seem a little surprised; I think julietk in particular seemed a little worried by how unethical it all was. I remember wondering if she'd dyed her hair again and it just hadn't come out very well, or if she hadn't got round to it yet.

I think I survived the night, but I'm not sure.
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