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Marcus has a ginger minge (aka my weekend)

No it's true. Smells gingery. I'd been trying for ages to figure out what it was and finally did. Chuffed with my brain's out-of-context-matching abilities now.

Reference has been made elsewhere to my drunken state on Saturday night. I really can't remember much of the detail of what I may have said, although I do remember saying I wanted to be fucked by 86 people and Laura asking why 86 particularly. Or maybe that was Corrine. Christ, I was cabbaged.

It was an absolutely great night, though. Unfortunately I was in charge of the night's events for one reason or another, and the drunker I got the more bossy I was. I eventually bullied Mr. Enthusiastic into dropping some wax on Laura, who was (for reasons too complicated to go into but utterly not BDSM-related) blindfolded. But that was OK. Everybody seemed to go along with it so I guess my drunken thought that it would be a good and pretty idea to bring our first game to an end was generally accepted. Or maybe nobody could be bothered to stop me. Hmm.

In case anybody's wondering who was fucking in Sunday's game of Watch People Fuck, it was me and jhg. Well there's a great big fat jolly surprise. :O)

Have a nice day, y'all.
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