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Did I miss much?

I've been laid up in bed with the most dreadful, dreadful cold since last weekend; seriously, I've not felt that bad in years. I had to take four days off work but am much better today so have come in for the final half day before we all head off for the holidays. I'm not up to cycling yet, though, so it was the train in for me. The chap in the ticket office was sporting a variation of a Santa hat, except where it would usually be red felt it was black, and on the white felt trim was written, in no uncertain terms, BAH HUMBUG. It amused me greatly and I complimented him on it.

Also, sorry but I can't resist mentioning this. Maybe my perking up a bit also had to do with me finally getting my result in for this exam: 90%, so a distinction.

Just sayin'.

So tomorrow I'm off to Scotland for a week, fortunately for me by train with a seat reserved sometime towards the end of October.

Merry Christmas. :o)
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