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Had nothing much lined up for the weekend, so stefanc and I headed out for a few beers on Saturday night, ending up in the local trendy muso bar. They had a rapper-guitarist on whose stuff I quite enjoyed. Anyway, S had to head home 'cos he was working yesterday but I hung around to chat to the performer's mates.

Cut a long story short, we (i.e. me, Joe the rapper, Spike the guitarist/photographer and their laconic stoned mate whose name I can't really recall as he didn't say much all night) ended up back at Joe's place having a jamming session until sixish in the morning, Spike doing lots of different guitar styles and me and Joe taking it in turns to improvise (a freestyle rapper at work is pretty impressive). Fab, although I was a bit hungover yesterday, to tell the truth.

I may yet meet up with Spike to work on some of my old songs; we'll see.

In other slightly less welcome news, someone stole my bike last night from outside my front door. So the bus it was for me this morning. Bugger.
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