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problem parcel

Spent a splendid evening on Thursday enjoying far too many champagne cocktails (amongst other things :o) ) with the very lovely seph_hazard, but the next day was not as pleasant, as I waited in for a package that never showed up. This had me emitting primal howls of rage by Friday evening, as getting up at 8am after four hours' sleep in order to not miss an expected package, followed by being unable to concentrate on anything else until the allotted delivery time expires at 6pm is not a pleasant way to spend a day, particularly when you have taken a day's precious holiday to do it.

A call to BT (who sent the package) elicited the explanation that the courier had taken the parcel back to the depot for the following reason: "problem parcel". She had no idea what this meant, and suggested I call the couriers direct. This I did the following morning (on an 0870 number, I might add - so much for free delivery), and the back office lady at the courier company had no idea what it meant either. She said she'd get the depot to give me a call on Monday morning.

I've called them again this morning to jostle them along a bit, and am waiting for a call on my mobile.

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