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Good eating

Mr. Enthusiastic and myself went out to a restaurant for his birthday last night. It was called Hush and is in the middle of central London, tucked out of sight in a little passageway off Brook Street.

By God is it nice! We spent about 70 each, although that included two cocktails each (I had, for example) a vodka martini with something else mixed in and jelly belly beans at the bottom of the glass) and 22.50 on a bottle of wine. I went for pancetta thing i.e. I actually had melted cheese on toast with tomato chutney, having ordered it in confidence knowing that even horrible food (melted cheese or tomatoes, for example) would be nice in such a blatantly nice restaurant. For main, Mr. E had partridge which came on a square plate and I could barely interact with him because his eyes were shut in ecstasy most of the time.

Good eating, indeed.
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