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Windyridge games video

My Dad's bridge pal Pat Smith took quite a bit of footage at the Windyridge Games 2007 and turned up at the house on Monday afternoon (while I was still there) with various DVDs of his edited version.

And what an edited version! He's obviously done this before. He made it into a final cut of just over 17 minutes, complete with comedy music etc. I've been trying to upload it to Google videos, since it's the first site I've come across that takes such big video files of such length (it's about 500-650 megs, depending on which version of the file I take), but I've hit that glitch that seems to be buggering Google video beta where you successfully upload something with the Uploader but it doesn't show in your account. Possibly I just need to get hold of some good compression software - I wouldn't know. Video file editing is also not something I've ever done before and I'm not sure I even have the right software for it on my machine. Any suggestions for alternatives would be most welcome. If anyone with the appropriate software would be interested in taking one of the DVDs and uploading it themselves then they would be most welcome. It was done on a Mac, to give you some idea of what you'd be dealing with. I can provide details of the files available to anyone interested in helping out here.

Meanwhile, I've been watching the video over and over again to make sure I made the correct decision at one crucial point. I think I did, but it was so damn close that I keep worrying about it. It's the wheelbarrow race, where conflux and stefanc take the silver by a hair from ciphergoth and spikeylady, who take the bronze after hitting their stride and storming through the field towards the end. I'm pretty sure that Stef gets his hand over the finishing line *just* before Paul, but if it had been the other way around then ciphergoth would have won the championship instead of conflux. Like I say, I'm pretty sure I made the right call but it's damn close. I'm very glad I insisted on getting a finishing line painted on the ground as well as a starting line or I'd be fretting about it forever.

At least it gives us something to rant about for years to come. :o)
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