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November frugality drive

I wasn't going to mention this until December 1st, but stefanc has convinced me that it might be worth noting now on LJ.

I have decided to do a bit of pre-Christmas season budget-watching. Towit, I have stocked up my freezer, and will be restricting myself to a £50 cash budget for the month of November. The credit cards will also not be used, excepting for a) journeys that have to be paid for by card and b) Christmas presents that are to be reimbursed using my Christmas savings account anyway. Don't get me wrong - I'm not in financial dire straits (I have no debt, for example), and so I'm not posting for sympathy. But my savings pile has been being depleted for the past many months (this has definitely been connected with my springtime bereavement), and I want to give myself a kick start to going in the other direction.

So, there you go. So far this month I've spent a grand total of £1. We're only a day and a half in, though. :o)
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