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Five o'clock meanderings

I'm feeling a bit lethargic, due to a combination of my not having had a full night's sleep since Saturday, and my just having started bleeding like a combination of a punctured artery and Rowntree's raspberry flavoured jelly. How come the moods list doesn't include "menstrual"?

But I'm really looking forward to election night. As last time, I shall be voting LibDem. I am amused to see Ladbrokes have already decided to start paying out on bets for a Labour victory; apparently it was either that or slash the odds yet again to 500-1 on. I don't have the next day off work, so my cunning plan is to get home about 7pm (as usual), sleep for several hours and then stay up for the results bit, which is the best bit - just like in Eurovision. Fiddle-dee-dee.
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