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So, while I was away in Cambridge at the weekend, sterling work was done by stefanc, his brother and his Dad, with the net result that we have moved house. We spent yesterday doing a lot of unpacking. A lack of credit on the pre-pay gas meter was a temporary problem, and we watched TV under a couple of duvets and ate hotcan meals for dinner. Although we should have left them a bit longer, as they were still pretty cold.

I've spent a Goodly Amount of Time on the telephone this morning, which should mean we have proper gas and electricity meters within a fortnight.

I quite clearly have too many clothes, and S quite clearly has too many plants and bicycles. I shall be very glad once it's all done.

Next weekend = going to Scotland for interring Mum's ashes purposes. Fun fun fun. Can someone wake me up in the springtime, please? Cheers.
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