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snippets of Scotland

Saturday: Caught the 0642 from Glasgow Central to Dunlop for a change (I usually miss it by a few minutes so have to wait around for the 0828), so walked from the village station to Windyridge. There had been a snowfall the previous night, and the virgin snow was sparkling in the still-glowing streetlamps. I sat in the garden for a bit, until after 8am, since I didn't want to phone my Dad to let me in in case he was still sleeping. So I enjoyed the dawn breaking, and the gentle snowfall that began anew was incredibly relaxing.

My Dad's had a full-on beautiful solid oak floor laid in the kitchen, and the room itself he's repainted a rather nice mushroom colour. There are also new doors with windows in leading to the hall and the dining room.

Oh - and he's bought himself a fuck-off 50" flat screen HD telly. He didn't tell me in advance - wanted to see my reaction. I think he got the reaction he was hoping for.

Mum's ashes now in ground in local church cemetery, along with those of her parents. However, there was some hilarity when the bloke from the council said he only had one name on his paper, not three. Phone calls ensued, and then he confirmed "yes, I'm sorry, but you can only put the one in today." Of course, what with it being me, my Dad AND my auntie Sheila (Dad's sister) all being there, it was never going to work out that way. It just so happened that it was me he was talking to, so of course my best gimlet glare and "Not good enough...Find A Way" got things sorted out. My Dad gave him a tip, though, for his trouble. We're nice people really, as long as we get what we want. :o) So we had to bugger off for ten minutes while they elongated the hole, and there was much comment about how all of the deceased would have found the situation rather amusing.

Got home to some birthday presents, including one which I'm sure will interest a few people here: my Dad had dug out the video of the 1982 Windyridge Games, and got it transferred to DVD. Blimey but it's odd seeing myself aged 8. What a fab idea. :o)
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