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Greetings from Berlin

So, since Stef's pals arrived on Monday morning, we've taken in a few of the sights: Checkpoint Charlie, where they have actors posing as soldiers to make it look a bit more echt; the very impressive Jewish Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind; the tower in Alexanderplatz, although we didn't go up it because it was shrouded in mist, unfortunately; the Nikolaiviertel, which is a bit of the old Berlin that still survives and very pretty - the Nikolaikirche is where Berlin was first founded in 1230 or thereabouts; the Rathaus; Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag, all right next to each other.

Today Stef's going to the zoo with his pal Nick, while Nick's brother Lee, his wife Ayse and their cute wee two-year old Ayden trot around some museums. I've decided I need a day just wandering around on my own, so that's what I'm going to do; I need a touch of solitude now and again. :o) Tonight Stef and I are being picked up by his Auntie Christa at 6pm to go out to an Italian restaurant with her, Stef's uncles and Sylvia, his Uncle Ernst's wife. It'll be very nice but I need a bit of downtime before I have to launch into several hours of double whammy non-stop German/meet the family.

See you all soon. x
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