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Hurrah! It went OK. I ran out of time, of course, and didn't complete absolutely every question, but it'll be a safe 2(i) I think (or grade 2 as they call it at the OU). If I end up getting 84% (which is possible) you are all well advised to steer clear of me for several days (that's one per cent off a first).

So the startling news was, I walked out of the exam hall and clapped eyes upon someone who spotted me at the same time - a young lass by the name of Christine Martin who will be no stranger to certain of you who hung around the cambridge Uni bi group in the mid nineties. She was the lesbian who organised the Bi Womens' Brunch on Sundays. Turns out she was doing my course as well this year, and was at summer school the week before me. We went for one pint and a chat, and so I was only 20 minutes late back to work. Hurrah!

This evening I will be holed up in the Tottenham pub (opposite Tottenham Court Road tube) from about 6pm onwards to celebrate no more maths for months. I intend to move on to somewhere else reasonably quickly, either for food or maybe a cocktail or two, or both(!) depending on the general consensus. Anyone at a loose end is invited to join me.

Special thanks to jhg and ergotia who texted me to wish me good luck last night...on the phone I had set as an extra alarm, thus waking me up. The path to hell... It's a good job you're both so sexy or I might be annoyed. ;o)

And finally - best of luck to the other drunk bis sitting OU exams this week. One down, three to go!!!
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