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Eurovision moan

Last again? Poor Andy - he was really good. I'm feeling a bit sorry for him. We've had shit songs for years and when we came near or at the bottom with those that was perfectly acceptable because it was totally deserved. But something smells a bit unpleasant this time round. I mean, usually in the past I've rated the winning song, even if it didn't happen to be my very favourite, but this year's is just bland. How is anyone apart from an Eastern European country ever going to win again? And doesn't that mean that the bankrolling nations (UK, France, Germany, Spain) might start to ask themselves why they bother forking out for what is turning into an almost exclusively Slavic extravaganza? I don't know exactly how much we contribute, but I bet it's not cheap and in these ever more straitened times - can we really justify it?

Could this be the year Eurovision signed its own death warrant?
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