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Further thoughts on Eurovision, I'm afraid. :o)

I think we've been able to ignore the extent of the political voting for the past few years because of the shiteness of the UK entries. Now, Andy Abraham's song is not my usual choice of genre, but I happened to like it and I thought that was quite a commendation for it, since it suggested a certain amount of crossover appeal. I didn't expect it to win, but I was hoping for a top ten finish. I think a lot of people over here felt likewise, and I expect that's why there's going to be more irritation about this (among people who care about it) this year than in any year over the past decade.

So I've got to wondering: do you think it's possible there might have been a certain amount of subconscious (maybe even conscious) racism going on? I mean, it was quite striking that, of all the entries in the final, we fielded the only lead artist who happened to be black. How the hell did that happen? There are people of colour all over Europe, and yet we're the only ones who sent one to the contest. Do you think it's possible our entry was dismissed by many immediately as "boring black music"?

Anyway, as I pointed out on ms_katonic's post, it looks like the bloke who won is something of a teen idol in the Eastern bloc. It would have been the equivalent of America being involved, allowed to split into all 50 states separately for voting purposes, and then Tennessee sending Justin Timberlake.

What on Earth can they do about it? I know they've been trying their best to come up with a fair system, but I really don't see how it's ultimately going to be possible.
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