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Dad-related excitement!

I just called my Dad since it had been a while. And there's some exciting news.

He's dating!

He put an advert in the Herald and has met with a good ten or so ladies! Apparently he described himself as "curvy" in the ad. :o)

He has one particular favourite, who seems like a lovely one. I'm so happy! :oD Apparently her son really likes him too and when he went to watch a performance of her choir, one of her friends met him and said "Oh yes! You're the man who makes her laugh!" I've told him I think these are good signs. :o) They have already met a good few times.

He's told me that once he manages to find his passport he's planning to take her to Paris, dropping in on me and Stef on the way. He's realistic that it might fizzle out, and if so he'll just be glad of the fun they've had (he says she's divorced and "cautious"). But he's also hoping for the best. I think that's the best attitude!

Yaaaaaaay!! Go Dad!
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