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Best start to a Wednesday for some time

So I've just come out of swimming, and I'm wandering down Tottenham Court Road towards work. I notice, coming in the other direction, a man wearing a sandwich board, and he has a proper full-on TV camera trained on him, as he ambles nonchalantly down the street. Curious, I turn my attention to his board. It says this:

"If you ask me for a £5 note, you can have one."

So I did.

"Excuse me, could I have a £5 note, please?"
"Sure! Here you go. Have a nice day."
"Thanks very much - you too!"

And I showed my note happily to the camera with an expression of delighted surprise on my face, for entertainment value.

I presume this is some TV experiment about whether people pay attention or not. I have no idea what for, though. I love Medialand sometimes. :o)
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